The Full Arch Hybrid Restoration: Full Day Course

There are over 35 million people that are totally edentulous today! Many are frustrated with their removable dentures.  The Full Arch Hybrid restoration is the answer for many of these patients. Many of our patients present with high dental caries rates due to medication induced xerostomia. These patients are on what we call the “Dental Treadmill”. The Full Arch Hybrid Restoration is the solution for many of these patients because titanium cannot decay! Many patients see the VALUE related to this course of treatment.


What you will learn:

  • Direct communication skills with the patient to assist them more clearly and concisely to understand the benefits of this course of treatment
  • How to determine fees and work with your surgeon as a team
  • A “Cook Book” approach to treatment planning and fabricating a full arch hybrid
  • The differences in materials available to practitioners for these restorations
  • Removable or Fixed? Why would we choose one over the other?
  • Delivery procedures
  • Occlusal schemes


Type of Course: Lecture

Date Offered: TBD

Price: $695