The “A” to “Z” of Implant Dentistry

You will learn how to treat many of the everyday issues we are confronted with when planning and restoring implant cases. The concise methods taught in this course will enable you to enjoy restoring implants. We will also discuss the importance of the team approach in helping to gain beautiful long term results.   Gaining case acceptance through clear communication is key in the field of implant dentistry.


This course will cover:

  • Evaluating the esthetic risk profile and utilizing the SAC assessment tool
  • Gaining case acceptance in the hygiene visit
  • The use and benefits related to guide templates
  • Techniques to minimize and/or eliminate cement issues and concerns
  • Locators: Chair side process vs. lab processed
  • Impression techniques to relate the transitional zone to the lab technician
  • Steps for restoring immediate load implant cases, (The full arch hybrid)
  • Hybrid abutments and the process utilized for hybrid restorations
  • Working with your specialist and how to communicate utilizing the team approach


This course encompasses simple to advanced techniques.


Type of Course: Lecture

Date Offered: TBD

Price: $695