Occlusion and Implant Dentistry

Many times the general practitioner gets caught up in every day restorative dentistry and never really grasps the importance of occlusion. Why do teeth wear? What is causing muscular pain and discomfort? How can we predictably restore a patient’s mouth and feel confident that the porcelain will not fracture?

These are all problems that we face and for many of us we don’t really understand some of the problems that we are seeing almost every day .This course is designed to help the general practitioner understand the principles of occlusion and how to manage them when we restore our patient’s dentition.


What you will learn:

  • The TMJ exam
  • TMJ anatomy
  • Muscles of mastication
  • Centric Occlusion VS Centric Relation
  • The various occlusal philosophies
  • Why anterior teeth are so pertinent
  • Utilizing a face bow and its importance
  • How to properly mount models
  • How to apply occlusal principles to implant supported restorations
  • Deprogrammers
  • How to predictably find Centric Relation


Type of Course: Lecture

Date Offered: TBD

Price: $695