Dental Photography (Hands ON Application)

Half Day Course

The art of taking a photograph of your patient’s teeth and smile is extremely important for the restorative dentist.  “A picture is worth a thousand words,” an altruism that reflects a meaningful consultation with your patient.  Dental photography allows us the opportunity to view teeth during a consultation in a way that was rarely offered in years’ past.   It can be extremely eye opening to both the patient and the clinician.  These photography techniques assist us with direct and concise communication, gaining case acceptance and future learning capabilities.


What you will learn:

  • The proper equipment needed for dental photography (Retractors and Mirrors)
  • The proper camera body, lenses, and use of flash
  • The proper camera and flash settings
  • The techniques used to achieve all of the accepted intraoral images for board certifications
  • General understanding of the idea of depth of field and how it relates to dental images
  • Auxiliary staff is encouraged to attend. They assist the clinician during the process of producing high quality images.

This course encompasses simple to advanced techniques.


Type of Course: Hands On

Date Offered: TBD

Price: $695